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  • Are your classes based on a specific technique? (Meisner, Method, etc.)"
    The classes are based on a technique that was developed by our instructor over a 25 year acting and directing career. It implements only the skills that you will need auditioning or on set. It's an 8 step technique that can be applied to any scene - commercial, television or film. It was designed for actors by an actor. It has elements of several technique likes Meisner and Method, BUT this technique works right away whether you are a beginner of a professional.
  • Do you have to audition to get into your classes?
    Absolutely not! Our classes are mixed with all levels of actors. Michael can evaluate an actor's skill in 10 seconds. From there he knows what type of scenes to give you and what you need to do in order to grow every class. Also, putting beginners with advanced actors allow them to grow at a faster rate. And you'd be surprised, but advanced actors can learn things from beginners as well. Just because you aren't technically or emotionally trained does not mean you have no skills. Everyone has strengths!
  • Do you offer audition prep?
    Yes. Our class is set up like an audition. You get copy, learn it, then perofrm it, maybe get a redirection.
  • For international students, do you teach them how to adopt an accent?"
    Yes! All our students work on accents. If you have an accent, we encourgae you not to lost it, but to be able to change it when needed. This gives an actor more opportunity to book more roles. We firmly believe working on accents help technial development such as emotion, intensity, speed, listening, intonation, and brings unpredictable moments that are found through doing the work.
  • Do you get to work every class?
    Of course! Our students are typically on camera 3-4 times per class, and everything is reviewed at the end of class. The only way to learn camera technique is to work on camera and review it.
  • How many teachers do you have?
    1! Michael Petrone. He's been a working actor, teacher and director for 20+ years and is still active in these roles currently.
  • Do you teach kids?
    We do, but we don't offer classes for kids. We teach kids privately as they benefit greatly from one on one training. Teens have the option to join our adult classes.
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